When You Gotta Go, You Gotta GO!

28 Sep

I’ve never done this blogging thing before. But I liked what I read about real life RVing here on RV.com, and I hope I can share my experience and give everyone some helpful hints for camping.

 My name is Bill, and I started camping decades ago in a leaky tent going fishing with my young son.  RVing is what Mom and I do in our retirement years.  We also get our three kids together one full week every year.  We own a Winnebago that Mom and I RV in. We also own a pop up camper that our daughter Rachel uses when she comes camping with us.  Our other daughter Sarah and her husband Robby own a pop-up, and my son Jack has a travel trailer with his wife Emily.

 We did an “end of the summer” weekend with two of the kids and their kids. I love my grandkids, but it seems they need a whole roll of toilet paper every time they use our bathroom. They think the bathhouse is too far to walk, even though it was just fine for me when I was their age! 

 I’ll admit, I am not as spry as I once was, and cleaning out the black water tank filled with solids (toilet paper, etc.) is more of a chore than it used to be.  So a few years ago, we tried a system I created to help make this old man’s job a little easier at the end of the weekend.

 There’s no real delicate way to explain this, so I’ll just go with the kids’ lingo…If you need to do #1, using the bathroom in grandpa’s camper is fine, but when it’s #2, you have to go to the bathhouse. 

 That sounds great on paper, and it worked just fine until it got dark. Then all the kids were too scared, and Mom was too much of a softy to say “No,” when they said they really had to go. Now, you just do whatever, whenever at grandpa’s place.

 So this time out, I took a different route to making my job easier. I tried “Clean ‘n Green” Tank Treatment.  What a difference!  Suddenly my least favorite job of camping was made simple.  I don’t know what is in this stuff, but I am buying more of it. 

 Don’t get me wrong, “black water” is still “black water” but I was able to stop and dump and the job was over – no more using the hose or running more water through the toilet like I used to.  I’m convinced it is well worth the small amount of money to not lecture the grandkids, or spend forever cleaning out the system.

 I hope you found this helpful. Send me an email, and let me know what other help you need. 

 Winnebago Bill

*Disclaimer: RV.com, which is owned by Dometic Corporation, sponsors Winnebago Bill.  Neither Dometic Corporation, nor RV.com, provide this blogger with free Dometic products, and this blogger does not receive a commission on click-throughs from links on this blog to RV.com, Dometic.com, or any other site.  All references made to product brands are made in an attempt to provide readers with the knowledge necessary to recreate the experiences mentioned in this blog.


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